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Wax Vac is one of those products that are really designed to make life easier. Most of us know just how much of an ‘issue’ ear wax can turn out to be. Most of us also agree that it can be very unpleasant to have water in the ear (say, after swimming or some other such activity). Focusing on ear wax for a moment, things tend to get more complicated when we learn that doctors actually discourage the use of cotton swabs in the ears. Yet those cotton swabs are all we have had for many years, in terms of implements that would help us remove wax from our ears. Many of us have subsequently found ourselves wishing that there was some sort of gadget that could simply suck the wax out of our ears. Many have also wished that there was a similar sort of gadget that would simply suck out any water that happened to get into the ear. And now, these wishes have been granted: thanks to Wax Vac!

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So what exactly does Wax Vac do?

Well, Wax Vac is designed to help the user get rid of excess wax from the ears, by sucking it out. It is also designed to suck out any water that happens to get into the ear. Wax Vac does these things gently, so it is pleasant (actually kind of pleasurable) to use on the ear. Thanks to Wax Vac, you have a chance to avoid the embarrassment of having ears that are too waxy — without having to use cotton swabs, which have the potential of messing up with the eardrums, leading to hearing loss. Thanks to Wax Vac, you can gently suck out any water that gets into the ears, causing you great discomfort. Notably, before the arrival of Wax Vac into the market, you’d have nothing much to do about this problem of water in the ears.

What makes Wax Vac ideal?

Several things make Wax Vac ideal, including its:


The first thing that makes Wax Vac ideal is its efficacy at removing ear wax. Suffice it to say that this gadget really works. However thick or loose the wax in your ears may be, Wax Vac is sure to suck it out. It helps too, that by default, this gadget is designed to suck enough wax to make you neat and comfortable, without sucking too much too deep in the ear to leave the ear exposed to things from outside. In other words, the gadget is designed to ensure that, by default, the natural role that ear wax is supposed to play doesn’t get messed up with. Still, if you want to suck out all wax, you can do so using Wax Vac.


The second thing that makes Wax Vac ideal is its safety-oriented design. One of the reasons as to why doctors discourage the use cotton swabs is in the fact that there is always the possibility of the swab going too deep, and damaging the inner parts of the ear. To ensure that this unfortunate scenario doesn’t play out, Wax Vac comes with a well-designed guard.


The third thing that makes Wax Vac ideal is its almost noise-free nature. This means that it is not unpleasant to use around the ear, and you can use it to clean kids’ ears without scaring the kids.

Power efficiency:

The fourth thing that makes Wax Vac ideal is its power-efficiency. Wax Vac is battery powered. It turns out to be one of those devices that use batteries very slowly. It is the sort of a device you almost come to forget are batter powered, because having installed batteries in it, you can go for very long without having to change the batteries.


At yet another level, you notice that Wax Vac is very convenient to use. It is notable, for instance, that the designers of Wax Vac have created silicon caps for it (it comes with eight). Each cap comes with a unique color, to ensure that they don’t get mixed up. This ensure that every member of the average family gets his or her own cap: no sharing here. The machine is also very easy to clean, and it comes with its own brush for the purpose. And as we mentioned earlier, using it is so easy: you just place it next to the ear, turn it on, and the suction starts – nothing else is required of you.

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Ways to Contact Wax Vac Customer Service

There are several ways in which you can contact Wax Vac customer service. The first way in which you can contact Wax Vac customer service would be by emailing them. You can email them at WaxVacCS@CustomerStatus.com.

The second way in which you can contact Wax Vac customer service would be by calling them on phone. Their phone number is 1-877-885-4782. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 8:30am – 10:00pm EST. If you are calling about your order, you would need to allow 24 hrs for your order to reach their system.

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Wax Vac Video: Things You are Likely to Learn While Watching It

There are several things that you are likely to learn while watching a Wax Vac video. Firstly, by watching a Wax Vac video, you can understand the exact role that the Wax Vac gadget is designed to serve. Secondly, by watching a Wax Vac video, you can understand how to use Wax Vac. Thirdly, by watching a Wax Vac video, you can understand how to clean and carry out basic service on Wax Vac.

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What Stores Sell Wax Vac

Wax Vac is a As Seen On Tv product, this means that you would be able to find this ear vac cleaner in As Seen On Tv stores. The big box stores such as Walmart, Kmart or Target might not carry it. If you visit these stores, you can ask their employees if they sell the Wax Vac Cleaner.

If you don’t know the location of any As Seen On Tv store near your location, you can also do a search engine search for their locations.

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Wax Vac Commercial: Watch the Video Online

There are several factors that make the Wax Vac commercial captivating. The first factor that makes the Wax Vac commercial captivating is in that it introduces a truly unique product. The second factor that makes the Wax Vac commercial captivating is in that it is made using rather amazing characters. The third factor that makes the wax Vac commercial captivating is in that the characters in it (and the voiceovers) make rather interesting claims.

The commercial is mostly shown in the night on your local channels. So if you are the type that goes to bed early, you might not see.

But you can watch the video of the commercial here.

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